Apple’s iMessage problem is worse than we thought


Caption: Apple’s iMessage problem is worse than we thought              

By Brad Reed, BGR, May 22, 2013

Apple has a lot of very unhappy former iPhone users on its hands and it doesn’t look like the problem is getting fixed anytime soon. For those of you who haven’t heard, there’s a major bug in Apple’s iMessage software
that will prevent you from receiving text messages from other iPhone
users if you’ve switched to a phone that runs on a rival operating
system. The problem arises when people switch from the iPhone to Android or Windows Phone without changing their phone number — apparently, Apple
keeps that number in its data base and still has it marked as belonging
to an iPhone user. This means that any text messages sent through
iPhones to that number get stuck in Apple’s cloud and aren’t pushed out
to smartphones that run on a different OS.

Now Re/code reports that “a recent server glitch made
the problem worse, rendering moot one of Apple’s key methods for trying
to remedy the issue.” Apple tells Re/code that it recently fixed this
server glitch, although that’s apparently not enough to completely fix
the iMessage problem. Because of this the company plans “an additional
bug fix in a future software update” in the future, although it won’t
say when this new update will be available or whether it will be part of
the soon-to-be-announced iOS 8.
If you’re an iPhone user who’s planning on buying an Android phone or Windows Phone soon, be sure to check out these tips for avoiding getting your friends’ text messages stuck on Apple’s servers.

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