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A Handful of Leaves

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Readings in Theravada Buddhism

The non-doing of any evil,
the performance of what's skillful,
the cleansing of one's own mind:
    this is the teaching
    of the Awakened.

-- Dhp 183

Getting Started
Some suggested starting points for newcomers to this site, including "What is Theravada Buddhism?".

The Site Map, Subject Index, and Glossary of Pali and Buddhist Terms may help you find what you're looking for. If you have questions about this website, see the Frequently-asked Questions.

The Path to Freedom
An introductory self-guided tour of the Buddha's teachings based on excerpts from the Pali Canon and arranged to follow the Buddha's "graduated teaching" method (anupubbi-katha).

The Pali Canon
An outline of the Pali Canon (Tipitaka), including a selection of English translations of over 700 important suttas, all indexed by sutta name, subject, proper names, and similes.

Theravada Text Archives
A library of some 200 books, essays, and transcribed Dhamma talks by masters from the Thai forest traditions, various authors from the Buddhist Publication Society, and other contemporary writers. Also included are Study Guides on selected topics of interest to students of Buddhism.

Other Theravada Sources
Where to find books, audio tapes, meditation centers, and Pali language resources on and off the Internet.

About Access to Insight
Guiding principles behind the website, acknowledgments, etc.

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A Handful of Leaves v 2.0