Human Rights Activists

Khmer Krom Human Rights Defenders/Activists continue to suffer every day, since June 4, 1949 when France gave Khmer land, Kampuchea Krom, to authorities of a new imperialist Vietnam until today. We have been mourning the loss of our ancestral land, 68,965 square kilometers, since the illegal transfer of our homeland by France to Vietnam.

Kampuchea Krom has 13 millions Khmers. France renamed Kampuchea Krom to Cochin China. South Vietnam renamed it to South Vietnam. Renamed Prey Nokor in Khmer to Saigon. Then to Ho Chi Minh City until today. Kampuchea Krom has been called by different names, the Mekong Delta or South Vietnam. Kampuchea, Laos and Vietnam fall into the block of communism and socialism of the U.S.S.R. and Red China in 1975.

Kampuchea Krom is formerly part of Kampuchea (Khmer Empire, Nokor Phnom, Upper Chenla, Lower Chenla). The Khmer people in Kampuchea Krom share the same race, religion, language, writing system, civilization, culture, custom, and tradition as their Khmer compatriots in Kampuchea today. Only regional tongues slightly differ when speaking. Similarly to the Americans in the East, West, and South speak slightly in some words.

Today's Vietnam is composed of 3 former countries, Annamite (Vietnam), Champa (Central Vietnam), and Kampuchea Krom (South Vietnam).
The original Vietnam is composed of just the region of Annamite bordered southern China.

In 1979 Vietnam invades Kampuchea.
In 1993 the United Nations assisted the universal election in the history of Kampuchea.

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Live & Die for Buddhism


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Maha Ghosananda

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