It's Not Too Late

It's not too late… the angel said.
Even though the world's a mess…
Even though you're not as young…
Even though you've made mistakes and have been afraid
It's not too late…
And then I saw the world through the angels' eyes…
I saw the colors I could paint
The bridges I could build
The lives that I could touch
The dreams that could still come true
And it became very clear to me…
That it's not too late.

~Written by Ron Atchison

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204 comments on “It's Not Too Late

  1. Jason Christopher on said:

    Beautiful Honorable and True. I'm borrowing this to repost. Thank You.

  2. Vashti Q-Vega on said:

    That's beautiful! (Words and photo)

  3. Lana Horowitz on said:

    Beautiful words and picture..!

  4. Vashti Q-Vega on said:

    I would love to use it in my blog : )

  5. Frank Mangrobang on said:

    Thats a beautiful picture….what do mean It's not to late?

  6. Vashti Q-Vega on said:

    I think it means that although things are pretty bad in the world today. We shouldn't lose hope.

  7. 北川和也 on said:

    Wow! beautiful place

  8. samuel olasesede on said:

    This should be paradise.

  9. Christophe Ang on said:


  10. Roy Chavez on said:

    Very,Very nice.

  11. cassidy lamb on said:

    beautiful and lovely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. kenneth martinez on said:

    Jendhamuni Sos , love the post hope u have the most beautiful Holiday and if u ever need anything please let me know ,cause u are my friend and that what friend do for each other I will continue to pray for u and Ur family and Ur people,God bless u love u as always Ken…

  13. G.RAMAKRISHNA Krishna on said:

    Awesome pic

  14. Aldair Cota Machado on said:

    Muito bom!

  15. William Nelson on said:

    True that, true that..

  16. krishan dutt on said:

    Nice pic……

  17. Keith Charles on said:

    Really, really nice +Jendhamuni Sos – thanks :))

  18. Gaveesh Choudhary on said:

    very nice pre……

  19. Sha Coop on said:

    I love the post and the picture, God bless!

  20. Elisse Winterrose on said:

    i loved it

  21. Jared Shaw on said:

    Wow that was inspiring.

  22. Rimsha Bakht on said:

    It's so encouraging and inspiring

  23. ZeeShawn Wani on said:

    i know right copyright

  24. Nimesh Mistry on said:

    so nice..

  25. N. M. Scuri on said:

    Thank you, +Jendhamuni Sos

  26. krishan dutt on said:

    Love the post the picture ….

  27. Wolfsina Cn on said:

    Where is it?

  28. Mohammad AlSous on said:


  29. Reeha Saleem on said:

    I wish I could get there.Were's it??It's not too late.I wanted to get there

  30. krishan dutt on said:

    Good night ji……

  31. Frank Mangrobang on said:

    Okay I couldn't see the rest of the post…now I do…thats a good one…

  32. Nicole Tocher on said:


  33. Mariette Mostert on said:

    Nice pic

  34. Mary Elizabeth Nerren on said:


  35. Munawar lattif on said:


  36. Meron Dereje on said:

    It is lovely

  37. SHOSH SARMED on said:


  38. Meron Dereje on said:

    It is lovely

  39. shaikh salim on said:


  40. SHOSH SARMED on said:


  41. Rob Robinson on said:

    Ur pics & the poems u post wit them r inspiring, I wish u & those close 2 u all the best, my prayers go out 2 u & ur country..

  42. Meron Dereje on said:

    Touching and inspirational.Luv the pic.

  43. Kate Anne on said:

    MIO CUORE xox

  44. Anne Miller on said:

    Awesome sentiment!

  45. pinki rajput on said:

    owsem <3

  46. Suyapa Mancia on said:

    How beautiful place

  47. Tough Talyn on said:


  48. Sudie Bakare on said:


  49. Dianna Dahlke on said:

    nice pic

  50. Reg Dawn on said:

    Thank you dear Jendhamuni. You have a beautiful evening…relaxe!

  51. Mary Stapleton on said:

    Very lovely and very true! Thank you

  52. Adriana Colina on said:

    So beautiful!

  53. Paramita Pramanik on said:

    very nice..

  54. Ophelia Jarson on said:

    the bridge and its shadow are lovely

  55. jeff johnson on said:


  56. Alicia Hamilton on said:

    i cry at every poem

  57. Ophelia Jarson on said:

    you are welcome

  58. Ädeniyi oluwakemi on said:

    Wow lovely

  59. Rob Robinson on said:

    It's a beautiful thing wen ur canvas turns 2 colour..

  60. Kira Griffin on said:

    stunning! reminds me of a fairytale!♥

  61. Aitijhya Kar on said:

    solve the mystery across the bridge

  62. Michael Howell on said:


  63. areeba nehra on said:

    Well said……beautiful………

  64. rame jamurker on said:

    so nice

  65. Lorelei Hogue on said:

    beautiful,stunning gods beauty all things are possible through faith

  66. Bhuvnesh Chanddoke on said:


  67. Toi Ward on said:

    Beautiful, I would love to be standing on that bridge:)

  68. wendy jomaica grace galarpe on said:

    hi guys :) check my vids :)

  69. Emma Hunt on said:

    Beautiful :-)

  70. Zoe Ward on said:

    That is very beautiful

  71. irshad ali on said:


  72. Lissie Lowe on said:

    Beautiful picture!

  73. Kadedra Allen on said:

    i like it

  74. Lorelei Hogue on said:

    no its not to late

  75. Budhiastika Made on said:

    The lights was so beatiful n the words too.

  76. Gladys Muthoi on said:

    very nice

  77. Alfred evans Rubaya on said:

    Lovely pic

  78. MUHAMMAD AKHTAR on said:

    Oh khaash I could be there.

  79. Deborah OYEKANGUN on said:

    Nice one.

  80. Soumagni Das on said:

    beauty at its best…….

  81. Niamh Lenane on said:


  82. creshapOoh JOrdan on said:


  83. Mehwish Khanam on said:


  84. Nandagopal Jothy on said:

    nice lines.lovely picture..

  85. Robin Floyd on said:


  86. daisy fabelo on said:

    Lovely I am all angels
    I love your poem

  87. Hemant Sarin on said:

    Don't give up – there's always time to do good.

  88. wendy jomaica grace galarpe on said:

    heya!! check my vids. .. and i really love that photo..

  89. Alura Hale on said:

    it's never to late

  90. Dionne Navarro on said:


  91. UDOCHUKWU UNEKE on said:

    So so encouraging and repositioning. wonderful!!!

  92. Nick Breykovic on said:


  93. Rachel Davis on said:

    Beautiful + lovely

  94. Laila Seif on said:

    Thank u for your encourages being not too late for anything! ! I love it very much

  95. John Sanders on said:

    Reminds me of spring

  96. Reg Dawn on said:

    …never too late to build a bridge from me to you…

  97. Chloe Doyle on said:

    good picture

  98. Melanie Healey on said:

    Peace and tranquility

  99. me ok on said:

    nice please add me as his friend and

  100. Chloe Doyle on said:

    add me every one

  101. Ranjit Brar on said:


  102. Helen Chamberlain on said:


  103. Tammy Hill on said:

    Very good

  104. Marilyn McNemar on said:

    It's just a beautiful day!

  105. JO Ann Boomer on said:

    That is truly beautiful.

  106. Piya S.G on said:


  107. Twilla Simmons on said:

    thats cute

  108. mercedes morales on said:

    Whoa its so beautiful

  109. Rao Yenigalla on said:

    very good appeal,happy good friday SOS

  110. Dora Bailey on said:

    I love this picture!!

  111. marnenigayathri chowdary on said:


  112. Kristen Williams on said:


  113. Milagros Alba on said:

    …no late…

  114. Yvonne F on said:

    What a beautiful pic!

  115. Milagros Alba on said:

    ….no late

  116. Bossy Migiro on said:

    the pic is epic but i dnt quite get the msg

  117. Mya Fourstar on said:

    beautimist  luv it

  118. Andrea Giannini on said:

    Just WoW that's beautiful!!!

  119. Kat Pennington on said:

    OMG WOW rly great and beautiful

  120. Alysia Roh on said:

    A very calm picture

  121. Aayushi Jha on said:


  122. Kween Unyke on said:


  123. sherina ramdass on said:

    cool……….totally love it

  124. jessica janeth on said:

    Que lindo

  125. Dawn Alexander on said:


  126. Angelica Mendoza on said:


  127. Rai Rapa on said:

    That is awesome

  128. Charles van Dijk on said:

    Beautiful, regards from Oz

  129. Syeda Sara on said:


  130. Victoria Mcnally on said:

    I d like to say my view is same
    An it's not too late coz even human can still be able ,ta sort wheat an chaff fr fable surely all one needs to see is hope an an truth of stout large letters about wat is right an wat is rogteous an confirming to basic copy but just for trick and not for helpin lost or refix pthers all u beed to the best os strong framework guide no flick of chrome the one who is d richest sourse is one whoes word is utterly trysted inside to stop others rott dragin me im wringens will be miniamally dealt wiv see ya saw ya but steely heart steerly soul is empty atupidity an stoppin there has good an wat is move big mountains an not small table but not for glory not for fame exhchange in just another s .hame stealing winning dismantling others by untrue unfair unproven slander but always telling all d others the truth is so easy to see an transparent as opaqueness clear I of course assumed same me same ways but now it seems fake real cool until eventual slips an force of badness eventually u will of ad it coz reall depth real heart is deeper den a place no truer slayer den one who weak unstriong an sly niw cant belueve few others chosen wen cums to it no bounfaries strictest even to save yaself from same shit shapeim up around us justnon is as it looks it seems coz choice to better an care for other s true as just need d boot or even just a soul that has no reason to trick or trap or cowardly beaten for bein greatest top one of all can down to not stealing energy stealing people's whole protective individual space not destroying evil power theory in coz er wat dat shinest brightest power of all is uneccessary imaginary stature reminding others by every able er I am above u know Im better by twisting ways an words recoverd who cards whose soul is glowin fable the simplest choice above them all is strength belief an honest proper no one heard me do exact reverse of whole down pattern dat s believed an clearly hidden but lets face it weakness nasty is the one who can't even force herself to stand up for another's reason coz all she s for is practised own desires cant even say im selfish non helpin otgers fix up an force to look insode at truest table the inselfssh non mov fix push all rounds way either but still show only actual slyness no inyegrity to self no tarnish believe an do not get inderstand d hreatest coolest unique others us one not meeded in gact does dither to inbisibly and mountain mover ta swap d fakers into big and jardest thongs to show how to give is not to over stimulate or gather trdiculois gacts or thanks or patter coz discreet invisible kindness is one who returns d faith an fight once more in others seen like a reflection gives all dat crap of bullshit shien fuks sake another pure an teal an kind jas shown greatness an smallness are measurements only it s compared to helpom precious phoneys over an o er an over again thrn not d same coz standards move now goals aims an nothing stirdy but can only shine my light so nright for others tricked or driven into others evil sight u re lieing chratin no hood section er no matter if indeed justy reflection demoralising telentless noin u te not that good u just is owing ….small shit onto big shit into wrong shit …. Muddled choice of heart choice of soul principals of all now but fuckin hell its mot hidden but ..just to measure rediculous level for small kind heart an the biggest strongest presense felt is guaranteed still wen hope os diein refuse to give up hope pf finding just a no named no famed me not trying seekin searchin fee but one who knows to give up d hope that more of mes are silently helpin d one s who pass or pass beside them an move another from darkest trap to save an win always by passin on best gift of all the truth theeasure an others callme will pass along d secret ot inside u if true not secrets are hidden wiv i coz power comes from beon better mo person reason or word deceptive i am thus good an strict an even coz den u get de other bonus of glowing coz er atoms posotive are continuously attat hin to purest unselfish motive an iniversal pummishment of deceipt filled tales of nothing learnt an nothing considered but copy nother style not true just pretendin to thinkin yeah its clear im bestest but trails of continoudly striving to be believed bout oh they re hodein as dont understand why lies give foolosh pnes who tell all dis shit translated into your shit if u was able happy an bedt u d bren sn top top fadfy its sumthkng insode u f lmowmis mark pf measure maje embers glow no need to trll all as er mot concieted not importamce kniwn infact easiest smartest way to go is not tell all d facts buy kp yaself internal measure coz ots just wats inside was treasure if u lie to uaself an cant even recall dat i am trusted professional seeker pf mimimalist bare carer an if on journey u just see past it coz in the end we all lnow what we av done an believe u me if I not able either to stand up now an not move boundaries carefully honestly placed coz there not many others either whis souls lit up wiv just fair an rights no wrongs always same no matter falls able to stand an shout now my name is but my greatest asset is non gratitude an non virtual lines cud dare now to run bad down
    Or convert to evil any energy can be passed thru now it's if an where it changes u to even tho most others pathetic at least inside definite structure is non weak fable. It's Arthur of d round an square who cared bt shape it s Arthur or watever is is but alternate source is return to fleet an force thru purest able metamorphosis e in sky as comets rainbow truth dat inside u burns the facts the truths an rare to find a happy soul contented mind ….an no deludeded section entrapin even u ya dinlo of yep I really av great opinions I am flawed an do not discover inside is well not discovered how deep an bad my traitor uncovers but no doubt I can still re change all change practise not bt others thoughts of me but who I actually live wiv see anyone can change there manner if sik inside of wat u got there from greatest great to sadest mile blind an convientkt buried d oldest darkest nothing settels of anything of internal glow from bt me or coz inside know … Infact sloth non moving stutter in turn brings death of life dat shudders concentratin deep inside of er huge wrong choices ride on well now me changing start from scratch from I egod goodness just comes from bein un negative an in betrayin own soul now dat is beginning beginning of feeling dat really dats worthy of big big change from stupid fake an false options wen can't fake ya soul echoes can't run can't hide all can do is stay stik shine remove wrongens help others crossed an learn d deepest happiest goal is always help an evolve if all world falls down an no ones worthy just hold on tight an be clear an gather universal drift an railing coz oh my god ere goes force an actual meetin of at last a surprising find a turn in round a star gets brighter it's myotherside me circle an he's has healed an fixed d other an shine in brighter coz know d secret of loss an no return surrender smallest doubt indeed not slotted In as simple seed not say now result In end my dark deep failure I can not be wat was before as u re matching completin other has utterly utterly rinsed u over thru fear an thru demons u turned true into not even fair an real girl wrongen who cudda woulda shoulda defo not one to connect to as no trust no chance no know now if past an failings within him now are whitewashing untruths bling in wat an actual madnesses s spoke an me my soul mates prisoner chokes me swallow s down my glowin glaring startling space now where shape content was happiness teamed of only one who just fits an knows it an we just knew an blazed an buzzed out not knowin how mad mad see cums bk to trust an twisted fucked up mashed up angle of poor at limits done well till fuk ups an pain an continual badness of mickeys soull destroying sadness an yes h sleights me but by bit I know not facts just can't no more do it believe or not believe or fuk I knew it ….death was slow an double head fuk an of course wen needed him to throw me rope just thread u see but av instead to cope still further no rescue soul mate section me just imminent torture of weakness over time an pressure over two years mic mic s head upheld from drowning but mic mics dark an other me did torturously every week more strain no me unable to reach my boy my only able still I hoped an hoped I'd reach him just wen on last of last enuf he'd break rediculous ly laugh an break away from stranger sayin return to sourse an trust an endlessly start again ….

  131. Billie Neal on said:

    Very well said like that

  132. Sang Lee on said:


  133. Selena N. on said:

    I love it! And it's true too..Its not too late!
    I don't know if its talking about the same thing I'm talking about though

  134. Tom Labropulos on said:

    Very nice

  135. gesenia franco on said:

    I though it was

  136. Victoria Mcnally on said:

    Lol really didn't actually expect others to get past chunks of wannabe
    words that fuk it now honary blanks an put any sets of words or even just
    bypass an yeah cool glad made poss sense ta probable normal people or maybe
    amazingly abnormal but facts are sumhow thru gabble is actual best not
    actually grammar an offiencey my best interpretation but brain mind
    slightly malfunctioning so just pleased actually wasn't another 73 more
    lessons in to may still be arthritic wiv concentration of it all lol
    hahahaha funny man

  137. Robert R. Greene on said:

    Robert R. Greene I beleave, it means. Unburned bridges leads ot great. hope.

  138. sherina ramdass on said:

    cool painting………..totally love it.

  139. gesenia franco on said:

    I think you. I sill have hop

  140. Victoria Mcnally on said:

    Happiness burns from within feel d light an my friend vikkis always believe in hope xxxx

  141. Victoria Mcnally on said:

    If others fail to cut it just burn bright as bright as light will go loss of insight faith er no dat u av done it all no tricks it's super hard I'm cool I'm vics :)

  142. Victoria Mcnally on said:

    Personally thought was " standard" but last 2/3 ers av highlighted good honest soul is hard to be ( pretend ones but all bbbttt den dem dem lol .. Er nar not at all Man U may wanna look up selfless as in no personal gain orientation wen light shining hope reminding all lost indarkness u ones arms out stop your fall any well of pit can be clawed bk from trust u av gotta fffforce ya way bk to ..

  143. Victoria Mcnally on said:

    Not sure of course deep black fallers where u wanky fell in from haha

  144. som sobunthoeun on said:

    So beautiful

  145. Victoria Mcnally on said:

    Lol slight mental force drawin people to well d force lol xxx ;) cool man
    sumtimes bit of universal proof is good wen long relentless journey
    finishes lol xxx cheers man got er tad carried away wiv meself :0

  146. Victoria Mcnally on said:

    Cumon hopers give yaself a shiny :)))))(

    On Friday, 29 March 2013, Victoria Mcnally wrote:

    > Lol slight mental force drawin people to well d force lol xxx ;) cool man
    > sumtimes bit of universal proof is good wen long relentless journey
    > finishes lol xxx cheers man got er tad carried away wiv meself :0

  147. Audrey Beasley on said:

    like this ron very good poetry

  148. Pretty Confetti on said:

    Thanks for sharing.

  149. Judith Bluhm on said:

    Nice poem and picture.

  150. anmol panjwani on said:

    awesomely unique and inspiring
    thnx for sharing it with all

  151. ilakkiya saran on said:

    so good

  152. ans maria valencia reyes on said:

    this image its beatiful

  153. Shelly Goswami on said:

    It's beautiful

  154. Shirley Howe on said:


  155. Elizabeth Trotter on said:


  156. Elizabeth Trotter on said:


  157. Selina Wowiling on said:

    beautiful :)

  158. Rovleta Fraser on said:

    Thanks well said

  159. Ellie Castro on said:

    That's perfect. <3

  160. Muzammil sheikh on said:

    Hi selina

  161. Stephanie Barcena on said:

    wow. .. magnificent. ..

  162. anjali sengar on said:

    so piecefull place…………..

  163. May Last on said:

    This poem really hit home! I have a new outlook on life because of the passing of my Aunt. This poem expresses it well. Thank You!

  164. Saloni Tangal on said:

    its…its amazingly magnificently beautiful pic!!

  165. Lakhan Ravat on said:

    good nice

  166. shree soni on said:


  167. sravani ch on said:

    very beautyfull

  168. Tazein Mirza Saad on said:

    Beautiful! +Jendhamuni Sos

  169. Vernon Laviolette on said:

    so 9ce

  170. Lakhan Ravat on said:

    wow nice pic

  171. Sandra Minas on said:

    I so want to be there….

  172. Sonali Himasha on said:


  173. Lakhan Ravat on said:

    same to u

  174. Sumi Thomas on said:

    good 1

  175. Winnie Wang on said:

    How you did. Photoshop?

  176. ali izat on said:

    nice poetry

  177. Prakriti Kohli on said:

    gud poem

  178. john davies on said:


  179. janakidevi baskar on said:


  180. Janie Roger on said:

    :) Pretty! :)

  181. cecil payla on said:

    nice place…………………………..

  182. Linda Hedén on said:


  183. mandeep kaur on said:


  184. Qing Zhang on said:


  185. Wilma Agosto on said:


  186. lakhena lak on said:


  187. aung kyaw thu on said:

    That  That

  188. seema ejanthakar on said:


  189. urvashe sharma on said:


  190. Samreen Tamboli on said:


  191. maya chahande on said:


  192. valerie jean on said:


  193. yingchau khor on said:


  194. Lorieisblessed Wright on said:


  195. chandan phull on said:


  196. prashant gadekar on said:


  197. mady sach on said:

    wonderful shot,with reflection

  198. Ejaaz ahmed on said:


  199. sravani ch on said:


  200. Nayyar Iqbal on said:

    Beautiful scene.Calm and peace.wish to be there.

  201. Erica Marcum on said:

    +Jendhamuni Sos Very powerful words….It's not too late to acheive your goals and dreams or to mentor others to do the same!!!! Looks as if angel is shining down in this spot a this very moment to rlay a message to someone that is near this bridge.

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