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U.N. Protest in New York

When: Monday August 19, 2013 @1:00PM– 3:00PM

Venue: United Nations, New York


Request the United Nations to be part of an independent fact-finding committee that comprises of the U.N., domestic & international civil society, N.E.C., and the two winning parties, the CNRP, and CPP.

Background: Under the 1991 Paris Peace on Cambodia Accord that signed by 18 countries including the United Nations, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, the five U.N. Security member states, Indonesia,

the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Brunei, Canada, with the participation of officials of

Zimbabwe and Yugoslavia representing the non-aligned movement and of the UN Secretary-General and his special representative, Cambodia is organizing her national elections every 5 years.

The inaugural one takes place in May 1993 under the auspices of UNTAC, 1998, 2003, 2008, and thepresent one is 2013.In 1993 National Elections, the Cambodian democrats win the elections and the communist party loses.Since 1998, the former communist party, CPP, has been winning; due to the NEC is biased toward the CPP.


N.E.C. is the Cambodian government-appointed electoral body that organizes elections since 1998.

CNRP is the Cambodia National Rescue Party. A merger of the two opposition political parties: the Sam

Rainsy Party and the Human Rights Party.

CPP is the Cambodian People’s Party (formerly the Cambodian People’s Revolutionary Communist Party)

UNTAC is the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia that organized the first democratic election in 1993.

The 2013 National Election is unique for the opposition party as many Cambodians are the victims of social injustice, land disputes, deforestation, human and religious rights violations, low wages,

poor respect in labor law, sand dredging, corruption, nepotism, cronyism, selling off state and public properties for personal gains, mistreatment of Khmer Krom and ethnic minorities, especially the unfair border issues with neighboring countries, Vietnam and Thailand.

Please contact the local CNRP-NA leaders and representatives:


Kim Ly Chea

Phone: 508.954.2260


Synoun Kham

Phone: 603.689.4204

Vannak Men

Phone: 978.327.9451

Chamroeun Van

Phone: 978.677.4309

Chamroeun Ruos

Phone: 978.328.9157


Sarorn Seng

Phone: 484.802.0053

Chea Meas

Phone: 215.833.3669

Rhode Island

Sarath Say

Phone: 401.374.7993


Pretty Ma  450.712.4998


Khem Thay

Phone: 450.492.8532

Yukda Tuon

Phone: 514.388.4077

Chuop Chanroth

Phone: 514.543.1479

Sokha Ly

Phone: 514.217.9827

Samnang Oum

Phone: 514.995.3619

Election Irregularities Protest in Washington State

When: August 19, 2013 @ 11:00AM – 2:00PM

Venue: Federal Building in Downtown Seattle

915 2nd Avenue

Seattle, WA 98174 (between Marion & Madison streets)


BunRong By

Phone: 60.486.0357

Hoeun Voeuk

Phone: 253-226-2100

Channdara Sos

Phone: 206-850-7565

Tithia Sum

Phone: 360-438-9034

Hay S. Meas, MD

Phone: 253-381-8291

Chanvong Kim

Phone: 206-713-2083

Protest Electoral Unfairness in San Franciso

When: Monday August 19, 2013 @10AM- 12 Noon

Venue: Federal Building

450 Golden Gate Avenue

San Franciso, CA 94102

(Between Polk & Larkin streets)


Vathana Sam


Sonny Tan



Suon In 510.409.9937

Sereyvuth Chhom



Ry Kea


Kab Chea



Bunthan Bin


Sokhon Phang


San Jose

Layso Lor


Phillip Lim


Election Irregularities Protest at the U.N. Office in Geneva

When: Monday August 26, 2013

Venue: The United Nations Office, Geneva, Switzerland


Seng Horl

Phone: 33 9 51 43 8608

Thhai Makarar

Phone: 33 6 32 58 12 87

Ly Poeung

Phone: 33 6 68 44 13 33

Vann Vannarin

Phone: 33 6 48 88 90 60

Leap Leng

Phone: 33 6 10 54 97 73

Yoeng Tha

Phone: 33 6 48 13 98 66


Norn Hy

Phone: 32 4 88 97 33 66

Hok Chheang An

Phone: 32 4 79 82 81 82


Truy Troeung

Phone: 41 7 65 46 84 55

Men San

Phone: 41 7 97 43 38 14

Run Phyridh

Phone: 41 7 63 48 01 79

Election Irregularities Protest at the U.N. Office in Brussels

When: Friday August 30, 2013

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

Contacts not available as of this post.

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