Make use of coconut palm in different ways

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Each and everyone know about a coconut tree but don’t understands how a coconut tree is useful to us in different ways. A coconut palm has coconuts, coconut leaves, buds, and also its flower. All are very useful to us. The height of the coconut tree will be very large. The leaves of the coconut tree is also very large in height. Coconut is the main food giving part of a coconut tree. It has many uses in our real life. Coconut is used for making variety of delicious dishes. We use Coconut in curries, payasams and also in many other food items. Coconut chutney is a very tasty dish of south India. Crushed coconut is used in our lunch as a side dish.

A natural drink is always good for our health as it contains nothing to harm our body. Coconut water is a main healthy natural drink for the people in all countries especially in summer season. Coconut milk is a main part used for making payasam(a sweet dish) and also in some of the dishes for breakfast. The leaves of this tree has many uses. Coconut leaves is used in making shelters in some of the countries. They are used for roofing the houses and feel a cool atmosphere in those places. With the help of coconut many craft items can be made such as flowers, animals etc.

The leaves of the coconut tree are also used for making broomsticks for cleaning. Many toys can be built with the help of these leaves for children like balls, dancing snake etc. Philippines is the country which produces large number of coconut tree. The root of the coconut is used for making medicines. The coconut has a great market value which is a main source of profit for the people. Each and every part of a coconut has wonderful uses in our daily life.

Coir from Coconut – its uses

Coir is a very useful material made from the shell of a coconut. Coir can be reused to make wide range of useful items such as mats, beds, carpets. Its a fiber taken from the husk of a coconut. This coir can be used for taking water from the wells. In India there are different coir making industries. Coir making is one of the important sources of income for many people in different parts of India.

Role of Coconut in poojas and marriages

A coconut tree consists of flowers. It includes a male flower and female flower. In Kerala, a state of India, where flowers are a compulsory item for marriages. These coconuts are also used for religious activities in temples. The devotees break coconut in front of temples with a belief that their difficulties in life will vanish with the breaking of coconut. Also these coconuts are used for making payasam in temples.


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