My Father just passed a way…

My father just left us about an hour ago, peacefully. He’s very tired. He knew he would not make it since last Saturday. My father has been a very hard working man, a man with great patience, a man who does not like to speak more than a few words each day. A man who never failed to take care of his family and children, just like my grandma, his Mother. Nothing is permanent. This happened because of that. That couldn’t happen without this. Things happened for a reason, according to time and condition. At the end, all we can take with us is the good and the bad deed. Thank you so much for your spiritual support, your kind and caring words, your prayers and your presence. Yes, I will miss my wonderful father tremendously, but he will be forever in my heart. One day, I will meet him again… Please do not worry. Please do not cry. Everything will be okay… ~Jendhamuni   Link to Google+

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