1. The weapon for self-protection is loving-kindness


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    Killing for Self Protection

    The Buddha has advised everyone to abstain from killing. If everybody accepts this advice, human beings would not kill each other. In the case where a person’s life is threatened, the Buddha says even then it is not advisable to kill out of self-protection. The weapon for self-protection is loving-kindness. One who practises this kindness very seldom comes across such misfortune. However, man loves his life so much that he is not prepared to surrender himself to others; in actual practice, most people would struggle for self-protection. It is natural and every living being struggles and kills others for self-protection but kammic effect depends on their mental attitude. During the struggle to protect himself, if he happens to kill his opponent although he has no intention to kill, then he is not responsible for that action. On the other hand, if he kills another person under any circumstances with the intention to kill, then he is not free from the kammic reaction; he has to face the consequences. We must remember that killing is killing; when we disapprove of it, we call it ‘murder’. When we punish man for murdering, we call it ‘capital punishment’. If our own soldiers are killed by an ‘enemy’ we call it ‘slaughter’. However, if we approve a killing, we call it ‘war’. But if we remove the emotional content from these words, we can understand that killing is killing.

    In recent years many scientists and some religionists have used the expressions like ‘humane killing’, ‘mercy killing’, ‘gentle killing’ and ‘painless killing’ to justify the ending of a life. They argue that if the victim feels no pain, if the knife is sharp, killing is justified. Buddhism can never accept these arguments because it is not how the killing occurs that is important, but the fact that a life of one being is terminated by another. No one has any right to do that for whatever reason. ~Ven. Dr. Sri Dhammananda

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  2. Training the Mind: Verse 5 & 6


    When others, out of jealousy
    Treat me wrongly with abuse, slander, and scorn,
    May I take upon myself the defeat
    And offer to others the victory.


    by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

    The point that is made here is that when others provoke you, perhaps for no reason or unjustly, instead of reacting in a negative way, as a true practitioner of altruism you should be able to be tolerant towards them. You should remain unperturbed by such treatment. In the next verse we learn that not only should we be tolerant of such people, but in fact we should view them as our spiritual teachers. It reads:

    When someone whom I have helped,
    Or in whom I have placed great hopes,
    Mistreats me in extremely hurtful ways,
    May I regard him still as my precious teacher.

    In Shantideva’s Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, there is an extensive discussion of how we can develop this kind of attitude, and how we can actually learn to see those who perpetrate harm on us as objects of spiritual learning. And also, in the third chapter of Chandrakirti’s Entry to the Middle Way, there are profoundly inspiring and effective teachings on the cultivation of patience and tolerance.

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  3. In understanding and compassion


    lotus blossom

    In understanding and compassion,
    I bow down to reconcile myself
    with all those who have made me suffer.
    I open my heart and send forth my energy
    of love and understanding to everyone
    who has made me suffer, to those
    who have destroyed much of my life
    and the lives of those I love.
    I know now that these people have themselves
    undergone a lot of suffering and that their hearts
    are overloaded with pain, anger, and hatred.
    I pray that they can be transformed to experience
    the joy of living, so that they will not continue
    to make themselves and others suffer.
    I see their suffering and do not want
    to hold any feelings of hatred or anger
    in myself toward them. I do not want them
    to suffer. I channel my energy of love
    and understanding to them and ask
    all my ancestors to help them.

    ~Thich Nhat Hanh



  4. Promise me…



    Promise me,
    promise me this day,
    promise me now,
    while the sun is overhead
    exactly at the zenith,
    promise me:

    Even as they
    strike you down
    with a mountain of hatred and violence;
    even as they step on you and crush you
    like a worm,
    even as they dismember and disembowel you,
    remember, brother,
    man is not our enemy.

    The only thing worthy of you is compassion –
    invincible, limitless, unconditional.
    Hatred will never let you face
    the beast in man.

    One day, when you face this beast alone,
    with your courage intact, your eyes kind,
    (even as no one sees them),
    out of your smile
    will bloom a flower.
    And those who love you
    will behold you
    across ten thousand worlds of birth and dying.

    Alone again,
    I will go on with bent head,
    knowing that love has become eternal.
    On the long, rough road,
    the sun and the moon
    will continue to shine.

    by Thich Nhat Hanh



  5. My Father just passed a way…


    My father just left us about an hour ago, peacefully. He’s very tired. He knew he would not make it since last Saturday. My father has been a very hard working man, a man with great patience, a man who does not like to speak more than a few words each day. A man who never failed to take care of his family and children, just like my grandma, his Mother. Nothing is permanent. This happened because of that. That couldn’t happen without this. Things happened for a reason, according to time and condition. At the end, all we can take with us is the good and the bad deed. Thank you so much for your spiritual support, your kind and caring words, your prayers and your presence. Yes, I will miss my wonderful father tremendously, but he will be forever in my heart. One day, I will meet him again… Please do not worry. Please do not cry. Everything will be okay… ~Jendhamuni   Link to Google+

  6. An update on my father’s condition…


    My father is in critical condition right now.  He may lose his life at any time,
    unless there is a miracle… He’s having a surgery again, right now. This is his
    last chance. He got better yesterday, but back in critical condition earlier.
    This second brain surgery is our only choice. Otherwise he would had left us
    during the last couple hours already. I am doing fine. Please do not worry.
    Everything will be okay… Make sure you smile. ~Jendhamuni  Link to Google+


  7. For all my dearest friends, brothers and sisters


    Thank you so much for always thinking of me and always keeping my father and my family in your prayers. My dad finally opens his eyes. He cannot talk yet, but he can move and can hear us very well. Hopefully he will talk soon. We are waiting patiently to hear his voice again… Again, thank you so much. Please don’t be sad, everything will be okay. Things happened for a reason… Keep smiling. ~Jendhamuni   Link to Google+