1. 365 Reasons Why I Love You



    1. The way I can just be myself
    2. The way you make me smile
    3. The way you smile
    4. The way you look at me
    5. How you tell me I am beautiful no matter what
    6. Your gorgeous green eyes
    7. The way you make my heart melt
    8. How you still give me butterflies
    9. How my hand fits perfectly in yours
    10. How cute you are
    11. How you write me poems
    12. How much you show me you care
    13. The fact that you live one street away from me
    14. You allow me to be independent
    15. You encourage me
    16. You make me proud
    17. You make me feel special
    18. You make me feel confident
    19. You make me laugh
    20. You make me laugh even if you aren’t around Continue reading