1. Never use harsh or unpleasant words


    There is no way you can change everyone in this world to your way of thinking . It is not even desirable. If everyone agrees with you, the world will soon run out of ideas.

    There are many ways of correcting a person when he is wrong. By criticising, blaming and railing at him in public, you will be humiliating and not correcting him. Criticism is certain to make more enemies. If you can show concern for a man’s future good with kind words, he will thank you for it someday.

    Never use harsh or unpleasant words whenever you express your views on issues. Diplomacy, gentleness and politeness do not hurt anybody. In fact they will open many doors.

    Do not feel defensive when your own faults are pointed out. Your faults are your signposts for learning perfection. Temper is a poor camouflage for shortcomings. When someone loses his temper he will blurt out too many things better left unsaid. Never reveal a former friend’s personal secret no matter how angry you are with him now. You will only degrade yourself in the process and others could never accept you as sincere friend thereafter. Others will think you could do the same thing you did to injure a former friend: no one will trust you.

    ~Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda

    Downtown Lowell -- May 6, 2015.

    Downtown Lowell — May 6, 2015.