1. Ros Sereysothea រស់ សេរីសុទ្ធា


    Khmer songs by legendary singer Ros Sereysothea រស់ សេរីសុទ្ធា



  2. Khmer song: Prom den jet


    Song title in Khmer: Prom den jet (Border of Love)

    By our Legendary singers Ros Sereysothea and Sinn Sisamuth
    These are the photos I took during a trip to Cambodia. I was so excited
    to see Khmer Children and the cows and the farmers. Very very excited. The best moment in my life. The children loved having their photos taken so much. One little girl cried because she didn’t get to be in the front row. I love children. They are so innocent.
    I miss this happy moment so much… and this is my favorite Khmer song.