The Ice Bucket Challenge Is A Satanic Ritual, Explains Troubled Writer

The Daily Caller, September 3, 2014

A WorldNetDaily writer can’t fathom why anyone would willingly dump ice water on themselves, so she did some digging and has now concluded that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a satanic ritual.

“I began to think about the IBC,” Selena Owens explains in the piece. “Whose idea was this? Why would people so easily agree to being drenched in icy water? Who participated and who didn’t? Why do people feel obligated to take the challenge if offered to them? What’s the purpose of calling out three other people to take the challenge?”

She investigated, she says, and discovered the IBC is NOT “a lighthearted attempt to understand a debilitating disease.”

The most troubling evidence she has to support her theory that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is actually a satanic ritual is the story of Corey Griffin’s death.

Griffin was the IBC co-founder. He died last month when he jumped off a building in Nantucket and drowned following a successful fundraiser where he had raised $100,000 for ALS research, Owens explains. He was pronounced dead at 3 a.m. “He floated to the surface, then he sank,” a report says. “He did not come up again.”

“It confounds me as to why Griffin would take such a risk with his life, especially in the dead of night?” she writes. “Very odd. Very bizarre. Very dark.”

She also points to a video, in which self-described evangelist Anita Fuentes explains a number of cryptic and cultic messages hidden in the IBC ritual, which is cleansing America in the name of Anti-Christ Lucifer Satan for some future thing.

The video’s depiction of Oprah Winfrey taking the challenge is particularly disturbing, Owens said. “Winfrey precedes her dousing with the words ‘In the name of ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge’ … because Oprah mistakenly believes the One True God is jealous of her, and the well-known fact that she denounces Jesus as the only way to God and basically considers herself to be a god, I found this statement to be very cultic in nature.”

In conclusion: “The ALS IBC is ritualistic in nature. People are chosen to undergo a form of water baptism with cultic god Oprah leading the charge ‘in the name of ALS.’”

Watch the truly fascinating video and decide for yourself if Owens’ is right.

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