The more that you read, the more that you learn

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. ~ Dr. Seuss #wp

Jendhamuni reading, August 30, 2012.

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22 comments on “The more that you read, the more that you learn

  1. Fadhel Hawramany on said:

    So sweet ..

  2. Jendhamuni Sos on said:

    Thank you +Fadhel Hawramany 

  3. Osvaldo de Aguiar on said:

    E muito importante você ler bastante, mas importante também você ter contato com pessoas de diversos locais e culturas, e bom saber sobre as pessoas e seus costumes.

  4. Patricia Errazuriz on said:

    Take care and enjoy your time, sister. I'll be off in a few mins. :-)

  5. Jendhamuni Sos on said:

    You too sister +Patricia Errazuriz Thank you for stopping by sister!

  6. Jendhamuni Sos on said:

    Yes, having contact with people from different places and cultures is very important +Osvaldo de Aguiar 

  7. Arun Bector on said:

    Very nice

  8. Kevin C on said:

    And very enjoyable, you look Wonderfully Happy, very Beautiful pic…

  9. Muhammad Idrees Khan on said:

    very nice looking..

  10. Jendhamuni Sos on said:

    Thank you for your kind words +Kevin C and +Muhammad Idrees Khan 

  11. Kevin C on said:

    Maybe kind, but more so truthful, your very humble lovely quality, to go with a lovely smile..

  12. Jendhamuni Sos on said:

    I love all those words: humble and lovely because those things last much longer +Kevin C :)))

  13. Kevin C on said:


  14. Jendhamuni Sos on said:

    Thank you +Kevin C Please have a most pleasant day with lots of sunshine and smiles okay.

  15. Kevin C on said:

    WILL DO , YOU ALSO, Gil Scott-Heron – 'I'm New Here' (official video): via @youtube

  16. Jendhamuni Sos on said:

    Thanks for video +Kevin C !

  17. Vinaya Dass on said:

    Very pretty.

  18. Jendhamuni Sos on said:

    Thank you +Vinaya Dass Good night again. Look forward into more beautiful shots by you.

  19. sk.alauddin Faruk on said:

    Hi my dear friend , how do you do , where you live in!

  20. Jendhamuni Sos on said:

    Hello +sk.alauddin Faruk I am doing fine. Just returned home. I live in America. Please have a wonderful day.

  21. sk.alauddin Faruk on said:

    thanks, what your job in America, do you marriage. dont mind, i live in Bangladesh. and hope , you are alloys be happy with family.

  22. sk.alauddin Faruk on said:

    Helo,  Do you like friend ship with me!

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