Your mirror

A loving person lives in a loving world,
A hostile person lives in a hostile world,
Everyone you meet is your mirror.

~ Ken Keyes, Jr

Jendhamuni forest profile

Without a spiritual background, man has no moral responsibility; man without moral responsibility poses danger to society. Virtue is necessary to attain salvation, but virtue alone is not enough. Virtue must be combined with wisdom. Virtue and wisdom are like the pair of wings of a bird. Wisdom can also be compared to the eyes of a man; virtue, to his feet. Virtue can be likened to a vehicle that brings man up to the gate of salvation. But wisdom is the actually key that opens the gate. Virtue is a part of the technique of skillful and noble living. Without any ethical discipline, there cannot be a purification of the defilements of sentient existence.

~Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda



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