1. I once met…


    I once met the richest man on Earth. He was a beggar who slept under a bridge, but he’s rich because he had God. ~Unknown



  2. All Dreamers Understand


    Note: This poem has nothing to do with Jendhamuni’s life

    Our love was a romantic book
    from the sacred day we met,
    your gentle charm enthralled me
    from then-on the scene was set:
    A sunny day, a rainy day,
    it mattered not to me,
    if I could see your happy face
    and walk and talk with thee.

    When snow was falling from the sky
    and chilly breezes blew,
    were it not for your embrace
    I’d pine the whole day through.
    So now we are alone my love
    I offer you my hand,
    to join with yours in wedlock
    as all “dreamers” understand.

    Author: Joyce Hemsley
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  3. Our planet and our home…


    We gently caress you, the Earth, our planet and our home.
    Our vision has brought us closer to you,
    making us aware of the harm we have done
    to the life-network upon which we ourselves depend.
    We are reminded that we have poisoned your waters, your lands, your air.
    We have filled you with the bones of our dead from war and greed.
    Your pain is our pain.
    Touching you gently, we pray that we may become
    peace-bringers and life-bringers so that our home
    in its journey around the Sun not become a sterile and lonely place.
    May this prayer and its power last forever.

    ~Sensei Ulrich, Manitoba Buddhist Temple

  4. Transforming greed into gratitude


    Happiness can only be achieved by looking inward & learning to enjoy whatever life has and this requires transforming greed into gratitude. ~John Chrysostom

  5. Life is precious as it is


    Waking up this morning, I smile. Twenty-four brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.

    Be Yourself. Life is precious as it is. All the elements for your happiness are already here. There is no need to run, strive, search, or struggle. Just Be. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

  6. With anger and frustration you cannot do much


    Sometimes something wrong is going on in the world and we think it is the other people who are doing it and we are not doing it.

    But you are part of the wrongdoing by the way you live your life. If you are able to understand that, not only you suffer but the other person suffers, that is also an insight.

    When you see the other person suffer you will not want to punish or blame but help that person to suffer less. If you are burdened with anger, fear, ignorance and you suffer too much, you cannot help another person. If you suffer less you are lighter more smiling, pleasant to be with, and in a position to help the person.

    Activists have to have a spiritual practice in order to help them to suffer less, to nourish the happiness and to handle the suffering so they will be effective in helping the world. With anger and frustration you cannot do much. ~Thich Nhat Hanh


  7. Please save the turkeys


    All beings-human or beast –
    Love life and hate to die.
    They fear most the butcher’s knife
    Which slices and chops them piece-by-piece.
    Instead of being cruel and mean,
    Why not stop killing and cherish life? (Cherishing Life, I, 83)


    Hope some of you will take a little extra time to practice giving thanks [the right way] during this Thanksgiving day. Please extend your love to all sentient beings, not just towards your loved ones or your human friends, but all beings, especially the turkeys. Like PETA said, Thanksgiving can be the scariest time of year if you’re a turkey. More than 45 million of these fascinating birds are killed to disgrace Thanksgiving tables each year. There are many peaceful ways to practice giving thanks. Why can we choose one of those peaceful ways. Why seek happiness by hurting those who seek happiness just like us. One should never practice giving thanks by hurting or harming anyone, be it a human or a turkey… ~Jendhamuni

    “All beings tremble before violence.
    All fear death.
    All love life.

    See yourself in others.
    Then whom can you hurt?
    What harm can you do?

    He who seeks happiness
    By hurting those who seek happiness
    Will never find happiness.”

    ~Buddha –Dhammapada


  8. Auntie’s house in Cambodia


    If your house looks better than this, I’d say, “No need to walk around with a depressing face.” You must learn how to conquer your own desire. And never ever allow your desire to conquer you. ~Jendhamuni

Live & Die for Buddhism


Maha Ghosananda

Maha Ghosananda

Supreme Patriarch of Cambodian Buddhism (5/23/1913 - 3/12/07). Forever in my heart...

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My Reflection

My Reflection

This site is a tribute to Buddhism. Buddhism has given me a tremendous inspiration to be who and where I am today. Although I came to America at a very young age, however, I never once forget who I am and where I came from. One thing I know for sure is I was born as a Buddhist, live as a Buddhist and will leave this earth as a Buddhist. I do not believe in superstition. I only believe in karma.

A Handful of Leaves

A Handful of Leaves

Tipitaka: The pali canon (Readings in Theravada Buddhism). A vast body of literature in English translation the texts add up to several thousand printed pages. Most -- but not all -- of the Canon has already been published in English over the years. Although only a small fraction of these texts are available here at Access to Insight, this collection can nonetheless be a very good place to start.