1. Feeling alone


    Feeling alone, Feeling unloved, Feeling unwanted and Feeling forgotten about is one of the worst feelings in the world, and the hardest to forget. But I hope you never forget that there is someone who's always by your side and will always love you, always wants you, and always cares about you no matter what. ~ Ritu Ghatourey



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  2. Health Benefits of Sweet Basil


    Sweet basil, like most herbs, is loaded with health benefits. In addition to being a rich source of vitamin K, beta carotene, and iron, the plant is known to harness anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The majority of the great benefits of basil can be attributed to its volatile oils and flavonoids – powerful, plant-based antioxidants that reduce inflammation, help fight aging, and promote healthy arteries.

    Two flavonoids within sweet basil have shown particular promise in fighting cell damage from radiation and free radicals. Orientin and vicenin are antioxidants that work to protect the cells.

    ♥Improves circulation
    ♥Increases immune function
    ♥Reduces inflammation
    ♥Reduces the oxidation of cholesterol
    ♥Protects the heart
    ♥Detoxifies the blood
    ♥May help control blood sugar levels

    In herbal medicine, basil can be taken for:
    ♥Stomach cramps
    ♥Uterine cramping
    ♥A wide variety of digestive problems

    Source: Natural Society
    by Elizabeth Renter

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  3. Temptation cannot touch


    The wind cannot overturn a mountain.
    Temptation cannot touch the man
    Who is awake, strong and humble,
    Who masters himself and minds the law.

    Winning gives birth to hostility.
    Losing, one lies down in pain.
    The calmed lie down with ease,
    having set winning & losing aside.

    ~Dhammapada, The Buddha



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  4. Compassion brings us an inner strength


    A mind committed to compassion is like an overflowing reservoir — a constant source of energy, determination, and kindness. Or this mind can be likened to a seed; when cultivated, it gives rise to many other qualities, such as tolerance, inner strength, and the confidence to overcome fear and insecurity.

    Compassion also brings us an inner strength. Once it is developed, it naturally opens an inner door, through which we can communicate with fellow human beings, and even other sentient beings, with ease, and heart to heart. ~Dailai Lama



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  5. Very poor grandma in my country, Cambodia


    Don't waste a single second.
    Serve others, above all the poor,
    expecting nothing in return.

    Just as the person who offers God flowers
    is the first to enjoy their fragrance,
    the person who offers compassion
    is the first to receive its blessing.

    Wherever a heart beats
    with compassion:
    God is there.

    — Amma quoted in Messages from Amma by Janine Canan



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  6. Tree Kangaroos at risk: Facts About These Declining Species


    Fourteen species of tree kangaroos inhabit the forests of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia. They weigh up to 32 pounds and measure about 30 inches, not including their 16-to-34-inch tails.

    Like in many places around the world, deforestation impacts wildlife habitat. It’s the same where tree kangaroos live. Many tree kangaroo species already exist in low numbers and most populations are decreasing. WWF works worldwide to prevent deforestation and illegal logging.

    Photo source: ZooBorns

    Watch video and read more


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  7. 10 Healing Benefits of Ginger


    1. Haven’t been feeling hungry? Eat fresh ginger just before lunch to stoke a dull appetite and fire up the digestive juices.
    2. Ginger improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body.
    3. Ginger clears the ‘microcirculatory channels’ of the body, including the pesky sinuses that tend to flare up from time to time.
    4. Feeling airsick or nauseous? Chew on ginger, preferably tossed in a little honey.
    5. Can’t stop the toot-a-thon? Gas—oops—guess what?! Ginger helps reduce flatulence!
    6. Tummy moaning and groaning under cramps? Munch on ginger.
    7. Reeling under joint pain? Ginger, with its anti-inflammatory properties—can bring relief. Float some ginger essential oil in your bath to help aching muscles and joints.
    8. Just had surgery? Chewing ginger post-operation can help overcome nausea.
    9. Stir up some ginger tea to get rid of throat and nose congestion. And when there’s a nip in the air, the warming benefits of this tasty tea are even greater!
    10. Bedroom blues? Try adding a gingery punch to a bowl of soup. (Psst…the Ayurvedic texts credit ginger with aphrodisiac properties, too!)

    By Shubhra Krishan | Source: Care2

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  8. The Simplicity


    As I began to love myself I quit stealing my own time, and I stopped designing huge projects for the future. Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness, things I love to do and that make my heart cheer, and I do them in my own way and in my own rhythm. Today I call it “SIMPLICITY”. ~Charles Chaplin



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  9. You should patiently endure it


    The Buddha said: When an evil-doer, seeing you practice goodness, comes and maliciously insults you, you should patiently endure it and not feel angry with him. For the evil-doer is insulting himself by trying to insult you. Once a man came unto me and denounced me on account of my observing the way and practicing great loving kindness. But I kept silent and did not answer him. The denunciation ceased. I then asked him, if you bring a present to your neighbor and he accepts it not, does the present come back to you? The man replied, it will. I said, you denounce me now, but as I accept it not, you must take the wrong deed back upon your own person. It is like an echo succeeding sound, it is like shadow following object. You never escape the effect of your own evil deeds. Be therefore mindful and cease from doing evil.


    Source: Osho World


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Live and Die for Buddhism


Wall of Remembrance…

Wall of Remembrance…

His Holiness Maha Ghosananda
Supreme Patriarch of Cambodian Buddhism
His whole life for the Khmer Nation,
Buddhism & Peace (5/23/1913 - 3/12/07)
He will always be in my heart...

Of the many problems we face today

jendhamuni pink scarfnature

Of the many problems we face today, some are natural calamities and must be accepted and faced with equanimity. Others, however, are of our own making, created by misunderstanding, and can be corrected. One such type arises from the conflict of ideologies, political or religious, when people fight each other for petty ends, losing sight of the basic humanity that binds us all together as a single human family. We must remember that the different religions, ideologies, and political systems of the world are meant for human beings to achieve happiness. We must not lose sight of this fundamental goal and at no time should we place means above ends; the supremacy of humanity over matter and ideology must always be maintained. ~Daila Lama

Major Differences in Buddhism

Major Differences in Buddhism

There is no almighty God in Buddhism. There is no one to hand out rewards or punishments on a supposedly Judgement Day ...read more

Lotus Flower


What makes the lotus flower so special?

The lotus flower is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet. The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind.

Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty

The best way to fix a broken Heart

The best way to fix a broken Heart

My Reflection

My Reflection

This site is a tribute to Buddhism.
Buddhism has given me a tremendous inspiration to be who and where I am today. Although I came to America at a very young age, however, I never once forget who I am and where I came from. One thing I know for sure is I was born as a Buddhist, live as a Buddhist and will leave this earth as a Buddhist. I do not believe in superstition. I only believe in karma.

"My religion is very simple.
My religion is kindness"

"The whole purpose of religion is to facilitate love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, forgiveness." ~ Dalai Lama

Because it’s who you are

Because it's who you are

You don't do kind deeds expecting kindness in return. You don't do kind deeds because you deem the recipient worthy. You do kind deeds because it's who you are, and because you understand the powerful difference your gentle hand makes in this dreary world. ~Richelle E. Goodrich