1. Respect Elderly


    They don't ask for anything once reaching this age. All they need from us is Love, just Pure Love… Do not yell at them, do not harm them or hurt them. They, when reaching old age, become more and more like toddlers. They want our attention. They want to hear kind and caring words. They want protection from us. They look up to us just like we are their parents. Our kindness is what they need most, more than anything in this world… ~Jendhamuni


    Caption: Cambodian officers carry an elderly protester during a protest in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, May 22, 2012 [and now 2014, still the same]. Residents of the squatter areas gathered to protest and are calling for the Phnom Penh City authority to find a solution solving their housing dispute with local development companies.(EPA/SIV CHANNA)

  2. One breath at a time is enough


    I am so tired and sleepy, but don't really have a choice. Have to stay up all night, I think!

    This is how we go on: one day at a time, one meal at a time, one pain at a time, one breath at a time. Dentists go on one root-canal at a time; boat-builders go on one hull at a time. If you write books, you go on one page at a time. We turn from all we know and all we fear. We study catalogues, watch football games, choose Sprint over AT&T. We count the birds in the sky and will not turn from the window when we hear the footsteps behind us as something comes up the hall; we say yes, I agree that clouds often look like other things – fish and unicorns and men on horseback – but they are really only clouds. Even when the lightening flashes inside them we say they are only clouds and turn our attention to the next meal, the next pain, the next breath, the next page. This is how we go on. ― Stephen King


  3. 10 Signs it’s Time to Let Go


    Holding on is being brave, but letting go and moving on is often what makes us stronger and happier.
    Here are ten signs it’s time to let go:

    1. Someone expects you to be someone you’re not. – Don’t change who you are for anyone else.  It’s wiser to lose someone over being who you are, than to keep them by being someone you’re not.  Because it’s easier to mend a broken heart, than it is to piece together a shattered identity.  It’s easier to fill an empty space in your life where someone else used to be, than it is to fill the empty space inside yourself where YOU used to be.

    2. A person’s actions don’t match their words. – Everybody deserves somebody who helps them look forward to tomorrow.  If someone has the opposite effect on you, because they are consistently inconsistent and their actions don’t match up with their words, it’s time to let them go.  It’s always better to be alone than to be in bad company.  True friendship is a promise made in the heart – silent, unwritten, unbreakable by distance, and unchangeable by time.  Don’t listen to what people say; watch what they do.  Your true friends will slowly reveal themselves over time.

    3. You catch yourself forcing someone to love you. – Let us keep in mind that we can’t force anyone to love us.  We shouldn’t beg someone to stay when they want to leave.  That’s what love is all about – freedom.  However, the end of love is not the end of life.  It should be the beginning of an understanding that love sometimes leaves for a reason, but never leaves without a lesson.  If someone truly loves you, they will never give you a reason to doubt it.  Anyone can come into your life and say how much they love you, but it takes someone really special to stay in your life and prove how much they love you.  Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right person, but the right person is always worth the wait.  Read The Road Less Traveled.

    4. An intimate relationship is based strictly on physical attraction. – Being beautiful is more than how many people you can get to look at you, or how others perceive you at a single glance.  It’s about what you live for.  It’s about what defines you.  It’s about the depth of your heart, and what makes you unique.  It’s about being who you are and living out your life honestly.  It’s about those little quirks that make you, you.  People who are only attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t stay by your side forever.  But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.

    5. Someone continuously breaks your trust. – Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting them not to.  When you completely trust a person, without any doubt, you’ll automatically get one of two results – a FRIEND for life or a LESSON for life.  Either way there’s a positive outcome.  Either you confirm the fact that this person cares about you, or you get the opportunity to weed them out of your life and make room for those who do.  In the end you’ll discover who’s fake, who’s true, and who would risk it all for you.  And trust me, some people will totally surprise you.

    6. Someone continuously overlooks your worth. – Know your worth!  When you give yourself to someone who doesn’t respect you, you surrender pieces of your soul that you’ll never get back.  There comes a point when you have to let go and stop chasing some people.  If someone wants you in their life, they’ll find a way to put you there.  Sometimes you just need to let go and accept the fact that they don’t care for you the way you care for them.  Let them leave your life quietly.  Letting go is oftentimes easier than holding on.  We think it’s too hard to let go, until we actually do.  Then we ask ourselves, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

    7. You are never given a chance to speak your mind. – Sometimes an argument saves a relationship, whereas silence breaks it.  Speak up for your heart so that you won’t have regrets.  Life is not about making others happy.  Life is about being honest and sharing your happiness with others.

    8. You are frequently forced to sacrifice your happiness. – If you allow people to make more withdrawals than deposits in your life, you will be out of balance and in the negative before you know it.  Know when to close the account.  It’s always better to be alone with dignity than in a relationship that constantly requires you to sacrifice your happiness and self-respect.  Read Stumbling on Happiness.

    9. You truly dislike your current situation, routine, job, etc. – It’s better to be a failure at something you love than to succeed at doing something you hate.  Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of going after yours.  The best thing you can do in life is follow your heart.  Take risks.  Don’t just make the safe and easy choices because you’re afraid of what might happen.  If you do, nothing will ever happen.  Chances must be taken, mistakes must be made, and lessons must be learned.  It might be an uphill climb, but when you reach that mountaintop it will be worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears you put into it.

    10. You catch yourself obsessing over, and living in, the past. – Eventually you will overcome the heartache, and forget the reasons you cried, and who caused the pain.  Eventually you will realize that the secret to happiness and freedom is not about control or revenge, but in letting things unfold naturally, and learning from your experiences over the course of time.  After all, what matters most is not the first, but the final chapter of your life, which unveils the details of how well you wrote your story.  So let go of the past, set yourself free, and open your mind to the possibility of new relationships and priceless experiences.  Read The Power of Now.

    And the one thing you should never let go of is hope.  Remember what you deserve and keep pushing forward.  Someday all the pieces will come together.  Unimaginably good things will transpire in your life, even if everything doesn’t turn out exactly the way you had anticipated.  And you will look back at the times that have passed, smile, and ask yourself, “How did I get through all of that?”

    Source: Marc and Angel


  4. They have no real shelter


    Poor people in my country, Cambodia
    When you are sad, when you are not happy, because life does not turn out as you wished it to be, please look at this picture and think about the suffering of the poor. Having no bed, no pillow, no blanket, no food, no drink… miserable, indeed. You will be able to wear a genuine smile and appreciate with what you are having, if and only if you are able to throw your eyes this far… ~Jendhamuni


  5. Third Hostage, American Woman, Threatened By ISIS


    ISIS Demands $6.6M Ransom for 26-Year-Old American Woman
    A third American hostage held by ISIS has been identified as a 26-year-old American woman who was kidnapped a year ago while doing humanitarian relief work in Syria. The terror group is demanding $6.6 million and the release of U.S. prisoners for the life of the young woman, who the family requested not be identified.

    She is the third of at least four Americans who were known to be held by ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. American journalist James Foley was executed by the group in a video that appeared online last week. Another writer, Steven Sotloff, was seen alive but under duress in the same footage. Video and full story


    Caption: ISIS Demands $6.6M Ransom for 26-Year-Old American Woman (ABC News)

  6. Miley Cyrus' date wanted by Oregon police

    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The young homeless man who accompanied Miley Cyrus to the MTV Video Music Awards has a warrant out for his arrest in Oregon.

    Jesse Helt, 22, was arrested on charges of criminal mischief, criminal trespass and burglary in 2010. According to court records, he broke into the apartment of a man who had been selling what Helt believed to be bad marijuana. Full story

    Caption: A spokesperson named Jesse accepts the award for Video of the Year for Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" as presenter Jimmy Fallon waits during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Inglewood, California August 24, 2014. REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian (MTV-SHOW)

    Miley Cyrus’ date wanted by Oregon police
    Caption: A spokesperson named Jesse accepts the award for Video of the Year for Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” as presenter Jimmy Fallon waits during the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Inglewood, California August 24, 2014. REU…

  7. A warning sign of "volcano from hell" blocks the road


    A warning sign blocks the road to Bardarbunga volcano, some 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) away, in the north-west region of the Vatnajokull glacier August 19, 2014. The threat of an eruption of Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has increased, according to the Icelandic Meteorological Office, with 'intense seismic activity' and 'ongoing magma movement' reported at the site of the volcano. The heightened activity around the volcano which began with an earthquake on Saturday, was the strongest earthquake in the area since 1996. The aviation colour code, used to indicate the level of risk a volcano poses to air travel, has been changed to orange, the second-highest level the met office said. Picture taken August 19. REUTERS/Sigtryggur Johannsson 
  8. Iceland prepares for "volcano from hell"


    Bardarbunga volcano, buried under one of Europe's largest glaciers, is rumbling to life. Tuesday morning, it was hit by a 5.7-magnitude quake.

    "This could be the volcano from hell," said CBS News contributor and City University of New York physics professor Michio Kaku. "To quote Yogi Berra, 'It's deja vu all over again.' Remember the paralysis from four years ago? Millions of passengers being stranded with the threat of airplanes falling from the sky?" Video and full sory

    Caption: Bardarbunga volcano was hit by a 5.7-magnitude earthquake Tuesday as scientists eye potential eruption

  9. Love should be everything


    'Heartbreaker' lyric by Dionne Warwick

    I got to say it and it's hard for me
    You got me cryin'
    Like I thought I would never be
    Love is believin' but you let me down
    How can I love you when you ain't around
    And I

    Get to the morning and you never call
    Love should be everything or not at all
    And it don't matter what ever you do
    I made a life out of lovin' you

    Only to find any dream that I follow is dying
    I'm cryin' in the rain
    I could be searchin' my world
    For a love everlasting
    Feeling no pain
    When will we meet again

    Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
    Is it a lesson that I never knew
    Gotta get out of the spell that I'm under
    My love for you

    Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
    When I was bein' what you want me to be
    Suddenly everything I ever wanted
    Has passed me by
    This world may end
    Not you and I

    My love is stronger than the universe
    My soul is cryin' for you
    And that can not be reversed
    You made the rules and you could not see
    You made a life out of hurtin' me

    Out of my mind
    I am held by the power of you love
    Tell me when do we try
    Or should we say goodbye
    Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
    When I was bein' what you want me to be
    Suddenly everything I ever wanted
    Has passed me by

    Oh, why do you have to be a heartbreaker
    Is it a lesson that I never knew
    Suddenly everything I ever wanted
    My love for you, oh

    Why do you have to be a heartbreaker
    When I was bein' what you want me to be
    Suddenly everything I ever wanted
    Has passed me by


  10. Scottish teenager dies after attempting elaborate Ice Bucket Challenge stunt: re…


    Scottish teenager dies after attempting elaborate Ice Bucket Challenge stunt: report
    Cameron Lancaster, 18, jumped into the deep waters of a quarry in Inverkeithing, Fife and could not be rescued. It’s believed this is the first reported death attributed to the campaign that has raised $79.7 million for ALS.

    Cameron Lancaster, of Burntisland, Fife, died Sunday. Emergency services — Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, and the Scottish Ambulance Service — were called to Preston Hill Quarry near Inverkeithing after he disappeared at around 5 p.m. His body was recovered at around 9 p.m. after four hours underwater.


  11. Scottish Teen Dies in 'Ice Bucket Challenge' Tragedy


    The death of an 18-year-old Scottish man in a flooded quarry is being linked to the “ice bucket challenge.”

    Cameron Lancaster, of Burntisland, Fife, died Sunday. Emergency services — Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, and the Scottish Ambulance Service — were called to Preston Hill Quarry near Inverkeithing after he disappeared at around 5 p.m. His body was recovered at around 9 p.m. after four hours underwater. Video and full story

    Caption: Tributes: People paid tribute to the 'generous and thoughtful' teenager who was said to have jumped 80 feet

  12. Death toll from devastating landslides in Hiroshima, Japan rose to 50


    The death toll from devastating midweek landslides in Hiroshima rose to 50 with 38 others missing on Sunday as fresh rain stoked fears of more disasters and hampered the round-the-clock search for survivors.

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called off a planned inspection tour of the western Japan city by helicopter on the day as his presence was feared to further complicate the search and rescue mission as rain intensified, media reports said. (AP) Video and read more

    Photo source: dtnews

  13. Cambodia court summoned Ven. Saccamuni Luon Sovath 


    Our most courageous human rights activist, land activist and environmental activist in Cambodia, during this generation, has been summoned to attend a so-called criminal court hearing on September 18, 2014 at 8 AM in Phnom Penh, Cambodia [for being too compassionate; too kind and caring for the poor and land victims]. These are the three-page court document issued to Ven. Luon Savath. Hope many Khmers in Cambodia are willing to show up at the court on September 18, to witness this injustice action by the Cambodia government. We must work together to put an end to this dictatorship in our country. Our brothers and sisters in Cambodia has suffered long enough because of this dictator, this traitor who has no heart, no compassion for our people. Venerable Luon Sovath can be reached via phone at this number: 012 83 83 22. ~Jendhamuni

    Caption:  Peter Gabriel and Venerable Luon Sovath in New York City at WITNESS' Focus for Change benefit dinner and concert co-hosted by Peter Gabriel and Maggie Gyllenhaal. December 2, 2010. PHOTO CREDIT: Ann Billingsley +Sovath Loun 


  14. Don't compare yourself


    Beautiful ox cart in my country…
    "We all are different to create the different things on this planet. Be Great and Proud of yourself every time you contribute something good to your life and the life of others. Don't compare yourself because it brings complexity into your life. You are Whole and Complete, wherever you are in life, so create whatever you like."
    ~By Sarita Singh

    This beautiful ox cart is part of our Cambodian tradition and history. But this famous transportation is becoming an endangered species due to the introduction of engine-driven tractors. 

    "A bullock cart or ox cart is a two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicle pulled by oxen (draught cattle). It is a means of transportation used since ancient times in many parts of the world. They are still used today where modern vehicles are too expensive or the infrastructure does not favor them." Wikipedia


  15. Tell India's Prime Minister: Protection of Women MUST Be a Priority


    The Indian Government strengthened laws on sexual violence last year following widespread outcry over the deadly gang rape of a student on a Delhi bus. But more atrocious sex crimes are being reported now in Uttar Pradesh.

    On May 29 two young teenaged girls who had been gang raped were found hanged by the neck from a tree in Badaun district – prompting a new wave of countrywide protests against sexual violence. This atrocity was followed by a number of similar cases and others that involved hanging alone. One rape reportedly occurred inside a police station in the same state where the teens were hanged. More recently two more teenaged girls were raped at knife-point while staying in a church-run hostel in southern Tamil Nadu state… Read more

  16. The man who stole the show at this year's VMAs


    The man who stole the show at this year's VMAs after accepting an award on behalf of Miley Cyrus is Jesse Helt, a wannabe model who was once so destitute he slept in a bush, his mom has today revealed. Jesse, 22, who hails from Salem, Oregon, moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams – but has so far had no luck. Jesse ended up spending Sunday evening with Miley (right) and the pair, who met last week at LA homeless shelter, My Friend's Place, were even pictured enjoying an In-N-Out Burger after the awards show. His mom Linda Helt said: 'It's time for him to have some good luck. He needs to be blessed.'


  17. Trafficking figures ‘staggering’


    A rescued sun bear cub
    The illegal bear trade continues across Asia on a “staggering” scale, with Cambodia leading the continent in seizures of bears and bear parts, according to a study from conservation NGO Traffic.

    From 2000 to 2011, 190 seizures were made in Cambodia, out of nearly 700 seizures in Asia. Live bears made up 15 per cent of all of Asia’s seizures, with Cambodia leading in this area as well, possibly because the bears were on their way to “bear farms” in Vietnam and China so their bile, popular in traditional Chinese medicine, could be extracted.


    Caption: A rescued sun bear cub at Takeo province’s Phnom Tamao Zoological Park and Wildlife Rescue centre, operated by Australia-based conservation group Free The Bears. Charlotte Pert

Live and Die for Buddhism


Wall of Remembrance…

Wall of Remembrance…

His Holiness Maha Ghosananda
Supreme Patriarch of Cambodian Buddhism
His whole life for the Khmer Nation,
Buddhism & Peace (5/23/1913 - 3/12/07)
He will always be in my heart...

Major Differences in Buddhism

Major Differences in Buddhism

There is no almighty God in Buddhism. There is no one to hand out rewards or punishments on a supposedly Judgement Day ...read more

Lotus Flower


What makes the lotus flower so special?

The lotus flower is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet. The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. At night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. Untouched by the impurity, lotus symbolizes the purity of heart and mind.

Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty

The best way to fix a broken Heart

The best way to fix a broken Heart

My Reflection

My Reflection

This site is a tribute to Buddhism.
Buddhism has given me a tremendous inspiration to be who and where I am today. Although I came to America at a very young age, however, I never once forget who I am and where I came from. One thing I know for sure is I was born as a Buddhist, live as a Buddhist and will leave this earth as a Buddhist. I do not believe in superstition. I only believe in karma.

"My religion is very simple.
My religion is kindness"

"The whole purpose of religion is to facilitate love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, forgiveness." ~ Dalai Lama

Because it’s who you are

Because it's who you are

You don't do kind deeds expecting kindness in return. You don't do kind deeds because you deem the recipient worthy. You do kind deeds because it's who you are, and because you understand the powerful difference your gentle hand makes in this dreary world. ~Richelle E. Goodrich